WestRex Industrial Wash Water and Liquid Waste Management

WestRex is committed to raising the industry standard in the provision of hazardous and chemical waste services. We provide our customers with Total Waste Management solutions that include assessment, collection and the most appropriate recycling, treatment or disposal options for each type of hazardous and chemical waste. We will take care of pesticides, paint, acids, solvents and wash water; whatever your liquid chemical waste, WestRex will dispose of it using the most environmentally-friendly method wherever possible.

WestRex is licenced to receive AFFF Wash Water and PFAS/PFOS wash water. This service is subject to NATA-approved testing, as well as approval from our onsite chemist.

All WestRex personnel are trained in the application of the best operational standards, all of which exceed compliance levels. WestRex works hard to ensure the ongoing preservation and protection of the environment, and the safety of our employees, our customers and the community.

Contact a WestRex sales technician for an on-site quote for the licenced transport, treatment and disposal of your waste water and liquid chemical waste.