Organic Recycling

Leyburn Organic Recycling

WestRex operate a dedicated Organic Recycling Facility licensed to receive a range of compostable materials. These materials are processed onsite by our experienced team and manufactured into a range of beneficial products including composts and soils certified to Australian Standards.

Waste streams accepted:
Abattoir effluent Abattoir digested pond sludge and crust Animal manure and yard scrapings Animal Waste
Chicken Waste Grain Waste Egg Waste Milk Waste
Fish processing waste Grease trap waste Molasses Waste Fertiliser Wash Water
Food waste Fruit and vegetable waste Liquid or solid food processing waste Paunch

The WestRex team have extensive experience in the organic recycling industry and are pleased to offer this new service to our clients.

At Leyburn, our goal is to provide our clients with a service that is reliable, efficient and compliant. We achieve this by offering:

  • Timely response to all enquiries
  • Fast turn-around times onsite with multiple unloading bays (we won’t delay your drivers)
  • Quality wash-out facilities onsite post-unloading
  • Professional site operators who run a clean facility

We assess all incoming materials to ensure that they are beneficial for the premium compost and soil products that we produce, giving our end customers the confidence to know they are getting a consistent and quality product.