Liquid, Chemical & Hazardous Waste Specialist

WestRex Services Integrated Waste Processing and Resource Recovery Facility holds the licences to provide our customers with an environmentally sound and quality assured safe disposal option.

The facility is strategically located in Jackson Queensland, providing a local solution for the growing Surat Basin. WestRex Services employs highly qualified Chemical Engineers, Chemists and Environmental Officers to manage the innovative waste process and resource recovery processes.

For the past few years, WestRex Services has been busy working towards the development of an innovative recovery integrated waste processing and resource recovery facility. This unique facility sets the benchmark in quality, acceptance, treatment and disposal of: 

  • Waste Water Treatment (treated & untreated effluent)
  • Grease traps
  • Septic
  • Sullage
  • Grey Water
  • Drilling MUDS (BUA & ERA) Brine

Chemical and Hazard Waste Specialist
Liquid and Solid Waste Professionals
Site Remediation Services Expertise

WestRex Services Integrated Waste Processing & Resource Recovery Facility


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