Liquid & Solid Hazardous Waste Management,
Site Remediation & Organics Recycling

Compliant | Professional | Responsive
WestRex is a leader in liquid and solid hazardous waste management, organics recycling and contaminated site remediation, delivering innovative solutions to solve our client’s most challenging waste and contaminated site problems. Our sustainable approach maximises the recovery of reusable resources from various waste products and minimises the volume of waste disposed to landfill.

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Hazardous & Regulated Wastes

Packaged Chemical Wastes

Resource Recovery & Re-Use

Contaminated Site Remediation


WestRex specialise in processing, treatment, recycling and disposal of the following types of waste:
Acids & Alkalis Coolant, TEG, Glycol Flammable Liquids & Sludges Paints & Solvents
Acid Sulphate Soil Condensates Grease Trap PCB Contaminated Oils
Adhesives Contaminated Soil & Sludges Industrial Wash Waters PFAS Contaminated Wastes
Asbestos Contaminated Materials Drilling Muds & Fluids Laboratory Chemicals Pesticides & Herbicides
Blackjack Grease Effluent Oils, Oil Filters & Rags Transformer Oils
Caustic Filter Cake Oily Water & Sludges Wash Bay Waters
WestRex Waste Processing, Treatment and Resource Recovery Facilities
WestRex licensed waste processing, treatment and resource recovery facility – Jackson QLD.
WestRex licensed waste processing, treatment and resource recovery facility – Wacol QLD.
Contaminated Site Remediation Services
Our range of capabilities also includes contaminated site remediation contracting services. We provide cost-effective, sustainable and innovative solutions, to solve the most complex site contamination challenges.
The WestRex Difference
At WestRex, we are focussed on customer service and have developed and embraced the “C.P.R” principle across our business:

Compliant – each of our facilities are licensed, with all activities compliant with our license conditions and
regulatory requirements.
Professional – all business must be undertaken in a professional manner.
Responsive – all staff to be responsive in meeting all reasonable requests and enquiries from our customers.

These principles underpin our core values and the standards we uphold at WestRex when conducting business and interacting with our customers on a day-to-day basis.