Waste Management Professionals for Every Industry

Westrex can offer all of its clients an expert service comprising of specialist scientists, engineers, and equipment for your small- to large-scale remediation project.

Westrex services range from single-source treatments to extensive turnkey site remediation and waste management solutions for every industry. We are certified to set up bench-, lab- and pilot-scale trials, and can assist in the collection of samples and the provision of analytical data and obtaining the required permits and approvals before moving on to construct full-scale waste management and decontamination installations. You can rely on Westrex to solve waste and drainage challenges from an environmentally-friendly perspective, allowing your company to include sustainability within your white papers and advertising.

Westrex Solid Waste Services and Treatments

For trials and implementation of tested solid waste and soil treatment solutions, Westrex scientists and engineers will help you design and install a cost-effective treatment system specific to your industry, scope and site. Together with our strict adherence to national regulations, solid waste management will no longer present a challenge for companies small or large. Our in- and ex-situ solid waste treatments and bioremediation systems include:

  • Contaminate Soil excavation, transport and off-site disposal, including asbestos contamination
  • Onsite remediation treatment
  • Acid sulphate and contaminated soil treatment and removal
  • Chemical stabilisation and oxidation
  • Bioremediation methods such as phytoremediation, mycoremediation, bioventing, bioleaching, land farming and composting
  • Ground improvement through physical and chemical geotechnical augmentation

Westrex Ground Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatments

From on-site treatment installations and servicing to drainage and removal solutions, Westrex groundwater and wastewater services can be applied within multiple industries which are legally or structurally bound to remove or process excess or contaminated water. We offer:

  • Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) removal
  • Complete pump or filtering installations, including ongoing operation, maintenance and repairs
  • Construction site wastewater treatment and removal
  • Subsurface permeable reactive treatment zone (PRTZ) or barrier (PRB) installation
  • Acid sulphate soil runoff solutions

Westrex Waste Management

Westrex provides the services and know-how for all of our valued clients’ waste management needs, always in full compliance with the most recent national regulations. Our waste management services cater for:

  • Bonded and friable asbestos
  • Drilled mud
  • Radioactive materials
  • Contaminated, regulated, hazardous and prescribed waste
  • Polychlorinated biphenyl compounds
  • Contaminated timber

Contact Westrex for Expert Advice

With our specialist team of experienced professionals, Westrex can solve your waste challenges in the way that best suits you. Contact us for a chat or make an appointment for one of our engineers and professional staff to visit your site.

Together, we will find the right solution for your site’s liquid and/or solid waste.


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