WestRex Hazardous Waste Fixation and Stabilisation Solutions

WestRex specialises in the treatment and disposal of all types of bulk liquids, such as oily sludge, chemicals, toxic liquids, herbicides and pesticides. The WestRex team of chemists and chemical engineers, together with our technicians, implement best practice and continuous research to ensure our waste disposal facility works hard to protect the environment.

We use fixation and stabilisation methods for the permanent encapsulation of hazardous waste that go above and beyond the usual environmental standards. WestRex also utilises NATA-approved testing labs for third-party analysis services.

WestRex aims to consistently exceed compliance levels and ensure the ongoing preservation and protection of the environment, making the safety of our employees, our customers and the community paramount throughout our waste disposal facility operations.

Contact a WestRex sales technician for further information on our licenced fixation and stabilisation chemical waste solutions.