Licences – Issued by QLD Department of Environment & Science

WestRex Services Integrated Waste Processing & Resource Recovery Facility holds the following licences, providing customers with an environmentally sound, quality assured, safe, beneficial reuse and/or disposal option.


ERA 53-Composting and soil conditioner manufacturing >200 tonne yr

Composting of suitable liquids, some solid waste and dewatered drilling muds with organic substrates, to create restricted use compost suitable in agricultural applications and mine rehabilitation

ERA 55-(2) Regulated waste recycling and reprocessing

Operation of a facility for receiving and recycling regulated waste

ERA 56-Regulated waste storage

Storage of packaged waste, bulk liquids (waste oil, oily water, ect) and brine (including saline drilling muds, saline water and saline sludges), prior to offsite disposal at a licenced treatment or recycling facility

ERA 58-Regulated waste treatment

Operation of a regulated waste licence for up to 5 vehicles

ERA 60- (1a) Waste disposal <50,000 yr (1)(a)

Operation of a landfill with an input of up to 50,000 tonnes per annum

ERA 63- (1b)(i) Sewage treatment >100 to 1500EP- IT or IR

Receival of sewage, and operation of the onsite sewage treatment works

ERA 16-(2a) Extractive >5000t but <100,000 tonne yr

Operation of the onsite quarry to produce quarry materials

ERA 16-(3a) Screening >5000t bur <100,000 tonne yr

Production of specific quarry materials as specified for project requirements