Day at the Museum!

WestRex spent a day at the QLD Museum, providing technical expertise in the consolidation and packaging of various laboratory chemicals and hazardous wastes, including safe transport and disposal of these wastes to our WestRex waste facility, located in Wacol. 

WestRex was approached by Infinity Waste Logistics to provide technical expertise and disposal services, for a clean-out of laboratory chemicals and other hazardous wastes from the QLD Museum.  Two of our in-house chemical waste professionals attended the Museum and worked with Infinity Waste to ensure all chemicals were correctly identified, packaged and labelled, as per the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

The chemicals were stored in an external hazardous substance lock-up area within the Museum and each chemical had to be individually assessed, packaged and labelled, in preparation for safe transport and disposal to our liquid waste processing facility, located in Wacol. All hazardous wastes were transported in accordance with legislative requirements and utilising Waste Tracking Certificates. Hazardous chemicals received for treatment and destruction at Wacol included formaldehyde, solvents, paints, acid and bases and specimen preserving chemicals.