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Our sustainable range of hazardous waste processing, treatment and disposal services are focused on maximising resource recovery from various waste streams, while operating within our facility licence conditions, regulatory framework and stringent environmental standards.

WestRex currently operates the following waste processing and resource recovery facilities:

  • Jackson QLD (Surat Basin) – fully integrated waste processing and resource recovery facility, strategically located in the Surat Basin and is licensed to receive a wide range of hazardous liquid and solid wastes.
  • Wacol QLD (Brisbane)– liquid hazardous waste processingand resource recovery facility, specialising in oily water and other liquid wastes.
  • Injune QLD (Surat Basin) – bulk liquid waste transfer station, located in the heart of the Surat Basin.

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40742 Warrego Hwy,
Jackson QLD

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15 Production Street,
Wacol QLD 4076

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Airport Drive
Injune 4454

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